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Search Engine Website Ranking Strategy

Website Ranking Strategy Revealed

website ranking strategy, Google Page Ranking Strategy

Bill Miller reveals his Search Engine Website Ranking Strategy. Take some time to look over your current website and consider the pointers given below. You can download two(2) checklists that will guide you through a self-audit of your website.

Some web page items hold more value than others in the search engines. EMD, or Exact Match Domain names continue to be suppressed by Google. The EMD's relative merit has been decreased to about 0.3 to 0.5. However, in the Bing search engine, EMD continues to be given a heavy relative merit.

Common Usage Strategy

A strategy I use is to find what I call a "Common Usage" in the English language. Common Usage in the English language means that there is no other convenient way of saying something. For example, if you want to buy an American Flag, you might naturally search for the keyword phrase "American flag". Because that is what you want to buy. It turns out that there aren't many other ways to describe what you want to buy. You could say "flag of the United States, US flag, or something else.

So the "Common Usage" in my strategy may be an Exact Match Domain name, but it is also the most "common phrase" used by most people to identify what they are looking for in the English language. So the “Common Usage” phrase will get a lot of natural search traffic and that is what you want for your website. The organic traffic will help to raise your website ranking to the top of the search engines and keep it there without any additional work or expense!.

What I do is to buy the "Common Usage" domain name and also the hyphenated version and the .net and possibly more extensions etc. depending on how much value I am placing on the website and its business. The idea is that there are only a few domain names that describe your business/website and so you want to own and control those domain names...not your competitor.

Real Live Example 1

cooktop cover website

Let me give you a few real life examples. My wife owns an online website where she markets and sells a cover that she developed to cover a cooktop that is built into a counter top or an island.

I registered the domain name "" because that is what she manufactures and sells on her website. And yes, we have purchased several other domain names that "surround" her core business domain name. You can visit her website by clicking Cooktop Cover.

Real Live Example 2


Another "Common Usage" strategy is to register the title of your product, software, course, or for example, an e-book. I registered "" and Bing gave my website page one, position one in a few hours. A few weeks later, Google gave my website first page, position six on the search results page.

The point is that if you can identify a "Common Usage" phrase that gets a large volume of organic traffic then it doesn't much matter if Google downgrades "Exact Match Domain " names...your website domain will rank in response to the traffic volume. This works for me and it will work for you too!

The higher your website places in the search engines, the more free organic traffic your website will receive...for as long as your website maintains the SERP position. Free traffic is the best kind!

Another really important part of a website is the Title Tag. The title tag is essentially a quick description of the landing page. Words of high importance should be first. I like to work my "Common Usage" domain name into my landing page title for extra punch.

Get Your Free Reports

I have prepared two free reports that you can get. The first is an SEO Checklist that you can use to do a website audit and identify and correct things that are not setup in the optimum manner. The second report is a WordPress Website Checklist. WordPress is a very powerful platform. It is built to be a general Content Management System. So when it is used for your business website, there are many specific settings that should be changed from the default settings in order to give your website the best SEO performance. Use the box below to get your two (2) free reports. GO! GO! GO!

To your online success,

Bill Miller

To Your Online Success

Bill Miller

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Make Money Online with Bill Miller – Prelaunch

Make Money Online, Affiliate Program, Online Business

Dear Fellow Internet Marketers - My name is Bill Miller and this is my Make Money Online Business blog. I started Raleigh Internet Marketing Agency, in Raleigh North Carolina in 2004, to help local Online Business grow their online presence, increase sales and make more money.

Needless to say, my business customers were very demanding. They wanted their website to achieve First Page Position in all of the major search engines. They wanted proof that their website was highly ranked and they didn't want to wait months for this First Page Position to be achieved.

My business customers wanted an increased number of visitors (traffic as we marketers call it ) and lots of it...and they wanted it now! And we delivered on all of those promises! First Page Position, usually in the top five or lower; large amounts of targeted, relevant traffic (visitors), and high converting sales pages and content.

Last year, our websites served over one million pages to regular visitors from over 30 countries in the world. I have tried to keep our information flowing with regularly scheduled posts. We provide high quality content that we believe is helpful and insightful for our readers. We will continue with our demanding blog post schedule in order to continue to server you, our readers.

My years of experience have led me to decide to expand my ability to help Online Business by making my knowledge, skills and experience available to a much wider geographical foot print...the world wide web.

2016 - Make Money Online with Bill Miller - Prelaunch

I want to help you build a real Online Business. A business that you own, control and can grow on your own terms. People start businesses for many reasons but one universal reason is to make money.

I have decided to form a wholly owned subsidiary of RIMA, Bill Miller Marketing, to provide Digital Products. My digital products provide training and support to Online Business owners. This is exciting for us here at RIMA because we plan to share with you, our email subscribers, our Internet Marketing Secrets.

Our email subscribers will receive announcements of newly released digital products that share with you what we have learned by working in this industry, attending very high end (expensive) training sessions, and through trial and error experimentation in our online "digital lab".

Soon, we will begin to publish "Online Business support materials" that are based on our company's internal marketing practices. Our digital products will cover such topics as ebooks or digital publishing, Word Press Plugins, Search Engine Optimization, Getting Website Traffic, Sales Funnels, blogging, Search Engine Ranking, website design, email marketing, autoresponders and many other internet marketing topics.

Bill Miller Marketing - Support Desk Opens

Affiliate Program, Online Business, Make Money Online

The website has a Support Desk setup. Please leave a comment on our support desk and let me know what Internet Marketing topics interest you or what Internet Marketing topics you need help with the most. What is stopping you from starting or growing your own Online business? We will tally the responses and post a blog giving the list of topics and the priority as defined by you, our readers.

Affiliate Program Opens - Bill Miller Marketing

Our Joint Venture program is open so that we can help each other grow our Online Business together. If you are interested in being a JV Affiliate Program Partner and promoting our digital products, please visit the Affiliate Program page using the link Bill Miller Marketing Affiliate Program and sign up for an Affiliate Program membership. It's free! And it is a two tier program meaning that you earn commission on the Affiliate you recruit to the program, in addition to commission on your own sales. As an Affiliate Subscriber, you will be given specific information about our Affiliate Program. You will also be part of our online Joint Venture Affiliate Program launch team. The Affiliate Program we have develop is something that I am particularly interested in launching and growing. I think this is an excellent way for you to start or grow your Online Business. Affiliate Program /JV Partners will receive training, instructions and products to help you explode your online sales. I think this is a ground floor opportunity for you and a way that I can work with and help as many of our dedicated followers as possible.

Make Money Online With Bill Miller

This blog post gives you two ways to Make Money Online. First, you can join our Affiliate Program and market our digital products using your own website. If you don't have a website, use our Support Desk and we'll hook you up with a web page and premium hosting so that you can be our Affiliate.

Second, you can use the massive content on our blog and setup your own website and begin to sell whatever you wish online. More and more products and services are moving to online transactions. Maybe you have a winning is your opportunity to get started.

Depending on many factors including how hard you work, your level of understanding of the marketing principals and techniques we provide as well as many other variables, will determine how successful you become. I cannot guarantee that you will make money.

I can guarantee that if you follow the information we provide in our digital products, blog, and our websites and join our Two Tier Affiliate Program (and follow through placing the Banners and Creatives and your link on your website and anywhere it makes sense to do so) you will have what you need to start and grow your own Online Business.

To Your Online Success,

Bill Miller

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Using Social Media Tactics To Promote Your Products And Services

Social Media

We get ideas sometimes that we want to make into a business. The internet offers that to you thankfully. With good marketing you can turn your ideas into a money making business successfully. If you take time to read this article you might find some marketing advice that might help you.

Social Media

We are in the age of the social media now. You can use it to your advantage to help you become successful. Try joining the right social media groups that are right for you and become involved in other internet communities. When you communicate with individuals that have like minded ideas you can generally make them future clients. Remember to keep your interactions professional and nice so that you will be taken seriously.

TIP!You need to be willing to go the extra mile to satisfy your online business customers. This is one of the most sensible and possibly one of the most important internet marketing strategies.

If you are working a legitimate host site and selling a product, the best practice is to have a blog as well. When running a blog, the customer can always get in direct contact with you. They become aware of what you are thinking of in addition to viewing you as more than a business. When you have a blog, it allows you to address customers concerns directly as well as grow the business around the needs of your customer.

There is one idea that you might give some thought to: offer different language options for text and videos on the website. By confining your website to just English could possibly cause a loss of customers. Your profit ceiling will be lower as a result of your decision. The www means World Wide Web. You might like to use other languages across other countries and continents.

Internet Marketing and Your Website

As a good webmaster you should know the type of people that visit your website. The one person that has the best understanding is probably the one who started the affiliate marketing program. Being a webmaster or owner you should pick and choose which affiliate you want to put time in on and the product and services make a good fit with interest of the website visitors.

Mobile Marketing
Now is the time to think of setting up mobile marketing. With mobile marketing you can give your website visitors the ability to have text alerts on sales and other new products being presented to the market. The new advertising strategy is loved by most customers. We are a very mobile society now. So the thing is that if you use Mobile Marketing your will most definitely reach more potential customers.

The main goal of a business is to live long and profit along the way. If you continue to succeed you will learn the meaning of success. Continued success is the measurement you are graded on. It does not matter how big or small your business is, or if it is a small business or a Fortune 500 company. Well every business begins somewhere. The social media strategies you use can help to move you forward on a good foundation that will be a solid footing today.

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Run A Great Internet Marketing Campaign With These Tips

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is huge! You can reach an unbelievable number of potential customers if you approach them in the right way. They will be a whole new audience and have a different way to interact. In this article there are all kinds of information and tips you need to get started.

Email Marketing

TIP! One helpful idea is a link to other sites in exchange for a link to yours. It is like if you sell socks, connect with a site that sells shoes and get them to reciprocate by carrying your site link.

Email marketing can get really stale and boring in no time at all if you only receive emails ever so often. The way to keep your readers interested is to send regular exciting content. By including great offers with the emails. Make your customers feel like they are part of the game and not just any ole customer.

If you use email marketing, make sure your emails match your brand. You should make sure the colors that are used in the marketing email are the same as from your logo and website. Always include your logo in your email. This makes your brand stick in your reader’s mind.

When you use email marketing, be careful about images and fancy designs. People are always on the move now, so many are reading their emails from their cell phones. Now with the small screens on the cell phones, if you use a fancy formatting, it will be difficult to read. So try to keep your cell phones in mind when designing your emails.


TIP! You need to hire a Flash expert to create your website using this tool. Flash is one of the most advanced and professional website creator tools that you can take advantage of, especially for your clients.

If you have opt-in email marketing, tack your content and offers together as tightly as possible. To motivate customers to buy, you need good content that explains how a person can use or benefit from your product or service. To make this tip work, make sure the information is in plain English and not heavy in marketing speak. When writing the email, make sure you find an author that is knowledgeable and provides unbiased information if you can.

You can build the largest customer base possible by using Internet Marketing. You can communicate easily with existing customers by using this tool. This creates a newer way for the customer to interact with business. Use the strategies that you have learned in this article to succeed in the Internet Marketing World.

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Internet Marketing Is Simplified In This Article

Internet Marketing

With Internet Marketing there has been a large number of small businesses great success and recognition. Just think that with a click of a mouse you are allowed business to be transacted as you have a customer base all over the world. Here is hoping that this article can help your to understand internet marketing and find it will be perfect for your business.

TIP! While trying to be more efficient you should make goals for yourself. Use a program to keep track of how many clicks each one gets.


When you market your website, hire a great SEO designer. If you are going to market your website, hire a great SEO designer. The professionals can set up your website so that when relevant keywords are typed into a search engine your company will be found. As a novice SEO writer can run into a lot of problems and pitfalls. Having a professional on your side is really important and a must.

Do not forget to check under a lot of different keywords and search terms in order to find what you needing, this is especially true for someone seeking some Internet Marketing advice. "Internet marketing" is not the one and only phrase you'll find advice under. Some others are: SEO, Internet business tips, and other related phrases in addition to other words to find more information.


You need to remember when internet marketing that SEO is not only you’re your home page. All pages listed need to be formatted correctly for the search engines, your entire site, including: landing pages and product pages. Your main index page should not be the only site page to come up; customers should be able to find multiple instance of your site online.

TIP! When you determine the goals and needs of your customers, you now can develop a lucid path on your website. You will now have a focal point for your potential client, you will attract their business and tap into their necessities.

Now your website pages need to contain different keywords for SEO purposes. The website pages of your site need to contain different keywords for SEO purposes, but they have to have a complete physical address and not a generic or abbreviated address. This not only for proper functioning of the site but also so people can easily navigate your website when they visit. If you are smart enough you can use a different keyword in each address.

Have you already learned that Internet Marketing will bring amazing success to your business? You will attract customers all over the world into your business by Internet Marketing to reach out. By following the advice in this article, you can claim the share of internet customers that are just waiting to hear about your business.

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Increase Your Internet Marketing Skills And Boost The Bottom Line

Internet Marketing

Since you are new to the scene, the thought of building an Internet Marketing business can be very intimidating prospect. This is especially true if you are new. To make sure you are on the right path, there will be a lot to learn and experience in order to be ready to handle the Internet Marketing. This article will be what ou will need to achieve success.

As you market a product on the internet, it is important to overcome the natural skepticism of your audience. Most users on the internet are extremely nervous about everything they read, and will not purchase anything using a credit card unless they feel very safe. A key part of marketing your product, then, is making sure they feel that level of security.

If you are attempting to promote a product, service, or business using a web site, create a "news" page about your business. Having a press release up on your site, especially if you post new ones on a regular basis, will increase your search engine visibility and make your site seem more up-to-date to visitors.

The more original content your web site has, the more appealing it will be to visitors. Try to make sure that you have as much or more content than your competitors and be sure to add new content on a regular basis. Search engines will rank your site more highly if you regularly offer fresh content.


To know what marketing strategies are working best for you, set up tracking procedures. If you are like many web marketers, you have multiple advertisements or promotions running at any given time. How can you tell which ones are really driving the traffic? Be sure to set up tracking devices, like UTM codes or individual landing pages, to best monitor your activities.

Mobile Marketing

Consider implementing mobile marketing in your business. Customers can have the opportunity to subscribe to text alerts for sales or promotions. This is a new method of advertising that also will boost your advertising campaigns in Internet marketing.

In conclusion, you are somewhat hesitant by the idea of making a career out of Internet marketing simply due to the amount of research and planning that is involved in becoming successful. Hopefully, you are able to take the advice provided and apply it to your own business in a successful manner. Increase Your Internet Marketing Skills And Boost The Bottom Line

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Awesome Advice From The Experts On Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing


People have gone to the internet as it grew more popular to research businesses and companies before they will decide who they want to invest their money in. You are missing out on an extremely powerful tool to get customers, one that has a lot of money making potential, if you are not using the internet. I have mentioned in the article below some tips that you will need to make internet marketing campaigns successful.

When trying to get the word out there, you might think about the local directories of businesses. When you use other free resources, you might be able to get some much needed traffic with little effort. You should see a ramping up of visitors to your site and also get a good feeling about increase in visitors. The important part is to make sure that the listings are free as you want to utilize the freest advertising you can find.

TIP!One way to increase your visibility is to link to other sites. You should contact sites that share common interests with your product and establish a mutually beneficial relationship by hosting links on each other’s website.


OH, BOY! It is “YouTube”. It is one of the most fascinating marketing tools in the business world today. You can now create videos that promote your business at no cost. To improve the bottom line and to upgrade the marketing plan, you should produce “You Tube” videos that show either a product characteristics or the best overall strategy to potential clients.

Are you almost always active on the internet? If so, you might want to make your website more visible. There are several items that will help like: blogs, newsletters, articles, and forums. These items get your website out in to the World Wide Web. The thing is that the more places you refer back to your site, the more visible you are to the potential customers effort.

Most customers will go to the internet first to find out about a business before they will try it out or even purchase merchandise. Use the tips suggested here to get your share of these customers.

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Useful Suggestions For Your Internet Marketing Needs

Internet Marketing

In this article you will find more than enough advice about Internet Marketing. Here, you will find well proven advice that is wide enough to apply to anyone, but can be beneficial to you. Read on to see how you can improve your marketing techniques.

You need to get backlinks. You are saying “What is a backlink?” These types of links go back to your site from other sites. They are some of the best way to get search engines to notice you and rank your website higher. The more backlinks you can get the better for your business. You should work on getting 5-10 new backlinks everyday and watch your sales rise.

TIP! If you can offer a short term incentive or promotion , it will help to boost your site’s Page Ranking. Should news and bargain sites link back to your page. If the arrangement work out ok, you can purchase the page.

Sometimes unconventional advertising on the internet can be very useful. For instance, you might want to create a You Tube channel where you can demonstrate you product and promotions. This way it will let customers comment and rate your product. It also creates a closer bond between you and your customer. This type of advertising lets your potential customer bond closer to you. This makes them feel closer to the company and in effect they will return to buy more products.


Research directories try to promote your site. It is difficult to get into the higher rankings on the big search engines without a strong SEO program. There are websites that are dedicated to combining links on niche products and categories. Find which ones cater to your markets and make sure you are included in the links.

TIP! When you ask visitors to register at a website is a big step, so a wise webmaster will make the process as they can. Simplifying the registration processes is a task you must look into to be a part of a customer friendly internet marketing website.

If you are looking for Internet Marketing advice, do not forget to check under a wide array of keywords and search terms in order to find it. “Internet Marketing” should not be the only keyword that you look up advice under. Try ones like SEO, Internet Business tips, and other similar phrases.

Mobile Marketing

You might want to consider how important mobile marketing can be. Offer you customers a chance to sign up for texting alerts that there are sales going on, product launches, and other programs happening. Mobile Marketing is quickly becoming a necessary part of any successful marketing campaign.

Email Marketing
One of the most important keys to internet marketing success is keeping track of what is working and what could use some improvement. You should set up tracking codes on your website, your advertising campaigns and all of the links in your email marketing messages. If you track your visitors at every stage of the buying process, you will be able to see at a glance, which promotions are the most profitable and which ones you should scrap.

Sending email marketing, test both ways HTML and text versions of your email message. Some people think that the graphics are possible on HTML then would offer higher open rates. Often it is not the case but the opposite and the text version is better. Emails that are text-based are really an especially strong tool in your arsenal. They feel usually feel more authentic to a reader and less like spam.
I hope you have found some information here that is going to help you improve your Internet Marketing.

As promised, you were given some tips that might help you in your Internet Marketing. Hopefully you will not find any issues with the implementing of some of these marketing plans.

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Great Tips For Boosting Your Internet Marketing Success

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is a new way of business that shows some great opportunities and growth.  Internet advertising is the hottest type of advertising alive today.  It has become one of the biggest industries around.  This has been characterizes by the giant internet icon Google.  In the beginning the advertising initially paid for the search engine Google.  Then Google realized the potential profits to be earned by selling the search hits to the highest bidder, in regard to the big companies.  This gained their respect.  This article explores the origins of the search engine advertising.

Email Marketing

TIP! It is extremely important to track visitor data so that you can improve your business. Important data to track is phone calls to your business.

One of the main points to internet marketing success is keeping track of what works and what needs improvement.  Setting up tracking codes for your website, advertising campaigns including all the links in your email market messages will help give you some answers.  Which promotions are the most profitable and which should be scrapped, can all be tracked, so your visitors to the website can be tracked with every stage of the buying process.


When your website has competitors that out rank your site consistently, you sometimes feel envious.  Especially when the search engine result pages are showing the competitors out rank you.  Instead you might consider the situation as a learning opportunity.  Do some research on your competitors and find out what they did to get listed so high.  By doing this you might consider which SEO strategies you can employ effective for your own website.

TIP!You send out emails, whether they are business or personal ones, you need to have a signature on all emails. Your signature is your online business card. You should pass them out freely.

When you are looking for Internet marketing advice, do not limit your search.  You need to look for the advice by using an array of keywords and search terms in order to find it.  “Internet Marketing” is not the only phrase you will find advice under.  Try SEO, Internet business tips, and other related phrases and words to find more information.

Mobile Marketing

Have you thought about mobile marketing? What you can do is send out mobile alerts when you are having special sales.  As for mobile marketing is quickly becoming a key component of any successful marketing campaign.

Google’s subtle usage of advertising is characteristic of the technology we are using nowadays.  Thinking outside the box is necessary when dealing with a new market.  Google’s exploitation of the available resources and their launch into mainstream corporations indicates just how important and valuable a good idea can be.

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Smart Advice For An Effective Internet Marketing Plan

Internet Marketing

Many small businesses have had great success and recognition on the Internet with Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing allows your business to reach a customer base that is all over the world. Here’s hoping that this article can help you to understand internet marketing and find the niche of where the business will fit in which will make your business a success.

Mobile Marketing

TIP!Internet Marketing is here and now and fast moving. You should have a clear goal in mind if you are going to market your website, your product or services. You should know what your website can offer, who will be your target customers and what you hope to achieve in Internet Marketing.

Try to capitalize on the mobile marketing revolution. A great option is to offer texts when there are specials from your website for people to use. In other words, send a email (mobile marketing) offering a special sale or new product and free samples. It is one of the newest ways of advertising and it is going to help you in your Internet Marketing campaign.

Email Marketing
It is a good thing to use a double opt-in method for your Email Marketing lists ensures that you are making contact with those customers that are really interested in your product. It does sometime look like a barrier with the double opt-in procedure when creating a marketing list, but what it means is that everyone on your list was willing to follow at least one link back to your website.

TIP! If you want to become more efficient, you should set your goals for yourself. Use a program to keep track of how many clicks each ad gets.

When you have opt-in Email Marketing, try to tie your content and offers together as tightly as possible. IF you have good content that can explain how a person can use or benefit from their product or service that can motivate customers to buy. Now if you want this tip to work, the information should not be heavy into the technical marketing language. Your best tactic is to find knowledgeable authors on Internet Marketing and computers that will give you an unbiased opinion if possible.


Some people like to have research directories to promote their website. Without a strong SEO program, it will be difficult to get into the higher search rankings on the big search engines. They have websites that are just dedicated to consolidating links on niche products and categories. Find which links that will cater to your markets and make sure you are included in their links.

TIP! You need to determine the goals and needs of your customers and help them develop a great path on your website. This will help your other potential clients have a focus which will attract their business and tap into their necessities.

Now you are going to have competitor websites that will consistently out rank your site on the search engine results pages, but don’t be envious. This should not be a sad situation but a learning experience. Try researching your competitors to find out how they get listed so high. You may discover SEO strategies you can employ effectively for your own website.

Internet Marketing can be amazingly successful for you. You can attract customers from all over the earth and back in to your business. By following the advice in this article, you can claim your share of internet customers that are just share of internet customers that are just waiting to hear about your business.

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