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Search Engine Website Ranking Strategy

Website Ranking Strategy Revealed

website ranking strategy, Google Page Ranking Strategy

Bill Miller reveals his Search Engine Website Ranking Strategy. Take some time to look over your current website and consider the pointers given below. You can download two(2) checklists that will guide you through a self-audit of your website.

Some web page items hold more value than others in the search engines. EMD, or Exact Match Domain names continue to be suppressed by Google. The EMD's relative merit has been decreased to about 0.3 to 0.5. However, in the Bing search engine, EMD continues to be given a heavy relative merit.

Common Usage Strategy

A strategy I use is to find what I call a "Common Usage" in the English language. Common Usage in the English language means that there is no other convenient way of saying something. For example, if you want to buy an American Flag, you might naturally search for the keyword phrase "American flag". Because that is what you want to buy. It turns out that there aren't many other ways to describe what you want to buy. You could say "flag of the United States, US flag, or something else.

So the "Common Usage" in my strategy may be an Exact Match Domain name, but it is also the most "common phrase" used by most people to identify what they are looking for in the English language. So the “Common Usage” phrase will get a lot of natural search traffic and that is what you want for your website. The organic traffic will help to raise your website ranking to the top of the search engines and keep it there without any additional work or expense!.

What I do is to buy the "Common Usage" domain name and also the hyphenated version and the .net and possibly more extensions etc. depending on how much value I am placing on the website and its business. The idea is that there are only a few domain names that describe your business/website and so you want to own and control those domain names...not your competitor.

Real Live Example 1

cooktop cover website

Let me give you a few real life examples. My wife owns an online website where she markets and sells a cover that she developed to cover a cooktop that is built into a counter top or an island.

I registered the domain name "" because that is what she manufactures and sells on her website. And yes, we have purchased several other domain names that "surround" her core business domain name. You can visit her website by clicking Cooktop Cover.

Real Live Example 2


Another "Common Usage" strategy is to register the title of your product, software, course, or for example, an e-book. I registered "" and Bing gave my website page one, position one in a few hours. A few weeks later, Google gave my website first page, position six on the search results page.

The point is that if you can identify a "Common Usage" phrase that gets a large volume of organic traffic then it doesn't much matter if Google downgrades "Exact Match Domain " names...your website domain will rank in response to the traffic volume. This works for me and it will work for you too!

The higher your website places in the search engines, the more free organic traffic your website will receive...for as long as your website maintains the SERP position. Free traffic is the best kind!

Another really important part of a website is the Title Tag. The title tag is essentially a quick description of the landing page. Words of high importance should be first. I like to work my "Common Usage" domain name into my landing page title for extra punch.

Get Your Free Reports

I have prepared two free reports that you can get. The first is an SEO Checklist that you can use to do a website audit and identify and correct things that are not setup in the optimum manner. The second report is a WordPress Website Checklist. WordPress is a very powerful platform. It is built to be a general Content Management System. So when it is used for your business website, there are many specific settings that should be changed from the default settings in order to give your website the best SEO performance. Use the box below to get your two (2) free reports. GO! GO! GO!

To your online success,

Bill Miller

To Your Online Success

Bill Miller

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Dear Fellow Internet Marketers - My name is Bill Miller and this is my Make Money Online Business blog. I started Raleigh Internet Marketing Agency, in Raleigh North Carolina in 2004, to help local Online Business grow their online presence, increase sales and make more money.

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Bill Miller Marketing - Support Desk Opens

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The website has a Support Desk setup. Please leave a comment on our support desk and let me know what Internet Marketing topics interest you or what Internet Marketing topics you need help with the most. What is stopping you from starting or growing your own Online business? We will tally the responses and post a blog giving the list of topics and the priority as defined by you, our readers.

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To Your Online Success,

Bill Miller

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Word Press Website Security

Press Website Security"> Word <a href=Press Website Security"> Don't build up your online business only to become a victim of hackers and lose your online income through lack of website security.

Word Press hacks can be extremely damaging and most people are oblivious to the dangers of hacks and the damage it can do to your business.

Hacking is big business, and hacking happens daily. Here are some simple and easy Web Security recommendations to avoid being hacked. This is a simple Website. Security Audit.

Website Security Audit - Lite

UPDATE: Make sure you keep Word Press and all its plug-ins up to date. An out of date version of Word Press is very vulnerable since security flaws are discovered on a regular basis and exploited very quickly.

1. AVOID FREE THEMES: Avoid free themes unless you know for a fact they are from a reputable developer. In checking free themes available through the top 10 search results of Google, it was found that 9 of them contained malware! Hackers provide pre-hacked themes so they can easily hack your site. The same is likely to be true for some un-reputable paid themes.

2. CHANGE DEFAULT USERNAME: The default username for the site admin is 'admin' (hackers know this). Create a new user with a different username and give that user full admin rights. Now delete the old 'admin' user and user the new one with a unique username.

3. STRONG PASSWORD: Make sure you use a strong password for your Word Press login including using lowercase, uppercase and special symbols.

4. INSTALL A SECURITY PLUGIN: Security plug-ins help prevent hacking and add an extra layer of defense. No matter what you do hacking is always a risk so a security plug-in is vital to protect your site, reputation and income.

5. GET EDUCATED: You can make more small and quick changes to your Word Press site to improve security and also prevent piracy. I hope you found these tips useful.

More Word Press Website Security Information

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Free Security Sites - to get a free Word Press Plugin software to help secure your website visit WebsiteDefender Word Press Security