About Me

Bill Miller internet marketerHey Internet Marketer – my name is Bill Miller. I started Raleigh Internet Marketing Agency, in Raleigh North Carolina in 2004, to help local businesses grow their online presence, increase sales and make money.

Needless to say, my business customers were very demanding. They wanted their website to achieve First Page Position in all of the major search engines. They wanted proof that their website was highly ranked and they didn’t want to wait months for this first page position to be delivered.

My business customers wanted an increased number of visitors (traffic) and lots of it…and they wanted it now!

A Little About Bill Miller

I was born in Pittsburgh, Pa, USA. Moved to Ithaca, New York and was graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Aerospace Engineering and a minor in Computer Science. It takes a lot of computer analysis and simulation to get a rocket or a plane off the ground. I have been programming all of my adult life. And, yes, I am also an Internet Marketer.

eCommerce website business

Black Four Burner Cooktop CoverIn 2005 my wife, Joyce had an idea. She wanted to cover the cooktop, in our long granite counter top to increase the serving space for a neighborhood bunco party. You can watch our video story using this link Cooktop Cover Video. Today we ship the “cooktop cover” all over the world. We have added additional sizes and finishes. We make custom designs and now offer cooktop covers for outdoor kitchens, yachts and RVs. How did we do this? By listening to what customer are asking for and serving customer needs meticulously.

My years of experience have led me to decide to expand my ability to help businesses online by making my knowledge, skills and experience available to a much wider geographical foot print…the worldwide web.

I want to help you build a real online business. A business that you own, control and can grow on your own terms. People start businesses for many reasons but one overarching reason is to make money. The IM information we provide is based on our internal practices…we use this stuff too. We search for the best tools, plugins or techniques to keep our websites at the top of the search engine results. We walk the talk.

Depending on many factors including how hard you work, your level of understanding of the marketing principals and techniques described herein and many other variables, will determine how successful you become. I cannot guarantee that you will make money. I can guarantee that if you follow the information we provide in our e-books, reports, and blog posts, you will be able to start and grow your own online business.

To your online success,

Bill Miller