Feed Does Not Have Subscriptions by email Enabled – Here’s What to Do?

Feed Does Not Have Subscriptions by email Enabled - What to Do?If you have recently seup a feedburner account and you are getting this error message…here is what to do.
1. go to feedburner.google.com
2. choose your feed
3. click on the feedburner logo in the upper right hand corner which will take you to the feedburner dashboard as shown to the left here.
4. click on “Publicize” tab
5. click on “Email Subscriptions in the left hand column
6. click on “Activate button, bottom center
7. relax, your feedburner subscription by email is enabled.
8. test that your email subscription is enabled by subscribing using your email address. You should receive an email from your feed. You can view the email and delete it, or sign up for your feed, your choice.

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