Mobile Local Marketing

Why Mobile Local Marketing…because its Direct, Engaging, Measurable, Relevant, and Timely.
We work to connect Local Businesses with Google Local. We merge Mobile and Local for powerful customer attraction!

How Would You Like To Claim Your Share Of The TRILLION Dollar Mobile Industry – Read On And I Will Show You How…

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Growth of Mobile Local marketing

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The mobile industry has made huge strides in the last few years and now opportunities are emerging that will allow early innovators to reap the rewards of marketing on mobile devices such as smart phones. And I for one, want to be one of these early innovators.

I have been involved with mobile marketing for about three years now (yes, I have been buying ads on mobile traffic networks since 2009) and have watched mobile advertising grow in leaps and bounds. This is especially true with the arrival of smart phones such as the Apple iPhone and Google Android.

The Mobile Local Interactive Marketing strategy connects businesses to their audiences, and provides the opportunity for an ongoing communication. Raleigh Internet Marketing Agency is a leader in providing technology to enable local businesses to reach their local customers like never before. Mobile text messages, mobile ads currently enjoy an astonishing 97% open rate. This means your marketing message gets to your target customer with speed and efficiency.

Many businesses have already made MILLIONS of dollars with Mobile Local Marketing, but this advertising medium is still virgin territory for many products and services. Contact us to learn how we can get your business on Mobile Local and help you get to the head of the pack with realtime targeted advertising.