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Search Engine OptimizationAnyone who owns a small business knows that proper advertisement is crucial. Word of mouth is still generally the best option for advertising, but internet advertising is becoming very important as well. When your website is not found with a simple web search, you are then wasting precious resources and losing potential new clients. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will be able to solve this problem.

Google can supply free keyword tools through Adwords. These tools can help you determine which one or two key phrases will bring in the most targeted traffic for your page or website. Try to use it to see how many people are searching for the key term you are considering using for your website. Once you have the amount of potential customers who are researching the key word per month, look at the cost to advertise on it. Remember, the higher the price, the more lucrative the term.

TIP! The second most important step in a good search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is to build a powerful keyword list. When you know who your potential audience is, you will then be able to determine which keywords they will use to find answers to their problems.

Search Engine Optimization Tips

Try setting up your website so that the oldest articles or blogs will still provide access to the most recent content. You could make a blog post 2 years earlier that could go viral today, so blogs can still get hits on that page for quite some time. Make sure that old posts give easy access to your main webpage and recent links so that you’ll be more successful in your results.

You should attempt to keep your meta keyword tags between 100 and 250 characters. This level should get the best results. By keeping your tags to about this length, you will ensure that you get the greatest advantages with regards to how the search engines rank your website. This strategy is a must for all search engine optimization projects.

You can try holding a contest or sweepstakes. This is a great way to attract new visitors to your website. Be sure that you find out about any applicable laws in your state. Check out a competitor’s website. You can then see how they run their contest.

TIP! Try to get ranking for what they call long tail keywords instead of simple keyword phrases. You will then have an easier time getting to the top of search engine optimization listings. For the most part, a lot of people search for phrases instead of single words, so your results will be higher.

Search Engine Optimization and Keyword Phrase

Next, add your keyword phrase into the website URL if you can not get a domain name that includes them. The search engines read the URL and place value on the words found there. You want your keywords to be found really fast by the search engines to increase your rankings.

If you follow these tips, you will be able to increase your internet business as well as improve your website traffic. This is a very inexpensive, if not a free way to immediately improve your business, client base, and overall profit. Be sure to not overlook this essential aspect of your company.

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